Matty, the most stylish man I know

Predstavujem Vám Mattyho, ktorého by som označila za slovenského Adama Gallaghera a ako už aj názov napovedá, za najštýlovejšieho muža akého poznám. Nechcem sa nikoho dotknúť, ale ono je to nejak tak vidno, že nežije na Slovensku. Tak nech sa páči, Matty - môj dlhoročný kamarát a skutočný gentleman ;) A otom čo má na sebe vám povie on sám:

Winter times are here and so is the festive period of the year. Today's issue is about something not so typical for the cold days. Bringing in something rather bright than the good old dull colours like grey, black or brown.

As you can see from the photos, Matty is wearing some very unusual clothing by Clements&Church. Word "unusual" in this case describes as "not so conservative" but fresh and different from your typical winter colours! This contemporary UK based brand is quite specific within their designs. Matty isn't just modelling this brand but is also one of their designers. These young gentlemen always think out of the box when it comes to new designs whether it's a range of suits, blazers, shirts or any of the accessories to accompany the complete look of Clements&Church. This small but organically growing brand produce everything in limited amounts! ,,Yes, this is how we keep our brand fresh and also exclusive to our clientele, whom often is very demanding and hungry for personalised garments!"

You can see more of their creative work by visiting